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all in. when i do talk to the veterans. in some cases you able to say hey i'm a veteran as well it does a grease the wheels a little bit and get some to open up a little bit more. and you have the ability to connect with them on a couple of levels. when i would talk to these guys. they would say you have it worse. you are in the desert. >> you guys were fighting the germany -- german army. they were always very humble. great stories but i think having that perspective i kind of give me a little bit of an end. i get some of it. it was great talking to these veterans. some of them are incredible
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stories the most humble men whether it be a world war ii veteran. i can't say enough about them. they really work what they did. i've no problem calling them the greatest generation. c-span is in tucson arizona to learn about its history. here we took a driving to her. to learn more about this and that unique heritage. and that unique heritage. okay. tucson arizona if someone has never been here what is that vincent essential thing.
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>> we are no longer cowboys and indians kind of city. if people are thinking about john wayne that something they definitely need to put out. we are close to the border. it was really important to a lot of people in tucson. we have a state that is very conservative but a it kind of takes pride in using -- in doing the button pusher. it's a little bit more progressive than phoenix. when the great things that they've have for ages and then go through and come up that way. we always have a really big version of the music scene. when i was going to school here. we have congress right here. it's a very important part of that music scene.
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they are constantly listed as being one of the best music venues in the country. they also have a lot of national access. local performances. what's leave downtown. and headed south. one of his food. i think we're talking earlier. this isn't just about mexican food for us. it also goes back. with the area that goes back thousands of years. that's what we embrace. we were given that distinction.
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it was just not mexican food. it hasn't been there that long. it's also about a connection. two tribes here. both of them are important parts working community here. the antioch d. they have persevered in the place that were heading too. there is a co-op a farm. they have that. and the different kinds of wheat. they are only there. see how beautiful it is.
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in the mountain. it's beautiful. the it kind of takes your breath away. you see the landscape. the trees is pretty stunning. how long this has been here. how long this has been here. it's pretty much everything that we see. absolutely. this doesn't hold a special place for the tribe. how does that fit together. it's always been part of the culture here into the community here. it's an important part of the community. it's the important parts of the community. and then it's also important part for people who just love our tradition in our history and our culture.
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from beyond the history. we have a great uncle who was part of that. they were part of a group that were trying to figure out how to maintain the stucco and they were building every model. it's been going on for different things for many years. it was the added ingredient. in the color. what could they had used back then. inside are different frescoes that were painted. this was built by the indians. when he was here there was only you look on the walls and
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it's historical. supposedly women but they tend to look like something else. there are some interesting details that are kind of fund to look at. >> it's amazing that the craftsmanship is there. before wilder and all of these other people were talking about it there was this. we talked about the mexican heritage the native heritage. what is happening here now. let's go up to a place it's really special to me. the longest ongoing with the early 19 hundreds. were talking about ecology and environmental research.
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we one of the oldest research it is a location close to urban areas. how is our ecology in urban environments. how have things done that. right now we talk about how we don't -- how we want this place to be loved and protected. there is no doubt. tomorrow some areas that are being looked at a little bit more closely because their health is in peril.
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it's more important than ever that they should be there but it's also important for the connection to the community. for people to understand that research is happening. for people to understand that means our backdoor ecology is just as important as any place else. >> she spent where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. in has brought you today by your cable or satellite provider. ..
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